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We always follow through with what our customers want done and if they are not satisfied in the end we will always make it right we will never leave a customer unsatisfied. Our Customers are our number one priority aside of our work we do our job to make sure our customers get what they expect and pay for we look forward to working with our customers and hope to make their experience with us a good one.  


We love building products for you

James Watson​

Owner & Supervisor

Hi, I Am James Watson Owner Of Watson Construction I started this construction company for my passion in carpentry, I'm A family man just trying to make a living by doing what I love most in the work field, at the end of the day I hope my customers are always pleased with the outcome with the jobs we complete for them. I'm not happy unless my customers are happy and we will make sure our customers get their full expectations.

Sean Gaul


Hi, I'm Sean Gaul. Employee of Watson Construction. I am 34 years old. I came to Watson Co. because I enjoy the work. I live for my family but also want to make the best life for them. I came from being a roofer in Florida, for 4 years; I have been doing fencing off and on for 12+ years, and just about everything you can think of in between since I was 16. I work to please my customers, because customer satisfaction is the most important to me. And as for an employee of Watson Co. , I will work sun up to sun down, to get the job done!

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